Monday, January 25, 2010

Nasi Goreng Kampung ala Thai

Tontoni video resepi cara-cara memasak Nasi Goreng Kampung ala Thai!

Tontoni video resepi cara-cara memasak Nasi Goreng Kampung ala Thai!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

How to get the most out of TryMasak?

Hello everyone!

We are so happy to welcome you here in our website. We hope that you will continue to support us and invite more people to visit and join our growing community. If you have any comments or feedback, we would love to hear it from you.

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As to help you get the best experience in using TryMasak website, we would like to recommend you to use either one these browsers:

- Mozilla Firefox (version 5 and above),
- Internet Explorer (version 7 and above), and
- Google Chrome.

We have noticed that the appearance and some minor functions in TryMasak website are not working properly with Safari 3.2.1 and Internet Explorer version 6 browsers.

Registered Users:

Our registration process is very easy and simple; you just need to fill-up your valid email address, username, password and gender. Other fields are optional.

i) Once you have registered, an activation link will be sent to your email. Check your inbox. If you couldn't find it there, try check out the spam folder. (We are currently fixing this issue).

ii) If you want to change your profile information and picture, go MyTryMasak -> Your Profile -> Edit Profiles.

iii) Currently you can only upload a profile picture up to 25KB in GIF or JPEG format. If you want to resize your photo, try using this website:

iv) Chef points indicate how active you are in TryMasak. You can accumulate chef points by:

- Upload your cooking video: 20 points
- Upload tips and guides: 10 points
- Upload glossary: 10 points
- Comment: 1 point

Please note that all contents submitted will be moderated.

Our Content (Video Recipes, Tips and Guides, Glossaries):

i) You can print, embed (for video) and bookmark our content in your social network page (i.e. facebook, friendster, myspace, etc) or email it to your friends.

ii) You can also bookmark your favorite recipes that you like so you don't have to look for it again. To bookmark your favorite recipes, just click on the Favorite This icon. The recipe(s) will appear on Your Profile page under Favorite Recipes section. You can bookmark up to 20 favorite recipes.

iii) If you want to plan for grocery shopping to buy ingredients of recipes that you want to cook, then you can click on icon Add to Grocery. The ingredients of respective recipe will appear on Your Profile page under Grocery List section. You can add to grocery list for up to 10 different recipes.

If you have found any problem or difficulties in using TryMasak website, please report to us. Thank you and we hope you enjoy the website.

- TryMasak Team -

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome and Selamat Datang to TryMasak!

TryMasak is Malaysia’s first online cooking and food video channel. At TryMasak, you can watch cooking videos in a simple, 'no-frills' and straight-forward way to help you prepare dishes from simple and quick ones, to more challenging traditional recipes. Think your way is better? Then become a My TryMasak member and show us your skills by uploading your own cooking video.

Take your time to explore our website. As we continue adding more contents and new features for you, we appreciate your comments, feedbacks, suggestions and contributions. Your continuous support is invaluable to us.

We would like invite you to become a MyTryMasak member. As a member you can:

  1. Rate recipes or articles that you like.
  2. Voice out your opinion by commenting on our video recipes, tips and guides, and food glossaries.
  3. Show off your cooking talent by uploading your own cooking video(s).
  4. Share your passion and knowledge in food by writing to us related tips and guides or contribute to our food glossaries database.
  5. Receive updates on new recipes in TryMasak.
  6. Contact other TryMasak members.

There will be many more benefits coming up in the future as we continue to improve and adding up new features in TryMasak.

Come and join us, a place where anyone can masak!